Making device protection, easy, flexible and accessible to everyone

Daabo began in 2021 when its founders had to fix their damaged devices. They always had to fix a device time and time again, and after so many expenses incurred they decided to find a solution; device protection.
They saw the many problems individuals had to suffer through in repairing, replacing an managing their devices so they began Daabo to solve the multiple problems.

We make device protcetion affordable, efficient and convenient. We are not only confident in the services we provide, but we are confident in our promise to protect what is valuable to you; the devices that keep you connected in life and business. We are confident tht you can explore the lifestyle you desire without having to worry about your devices.

Daabo is a word meaning ‘to cover’, from the Yoruba language of the Yoruba people that are predominaly from western Africa.

As Daabo, we want to be a company that is a joy to be a part of, where our team and customers feel they have healthier, happier lives - and that we help them get ahead of the risks they face.

The Daabo team enables individual creativity while providing nurturing bonds to protect growth. When one of us recognizes a real risk, we work together to help everyone avoid it. And when one of us identifies a new opportunity, we go together.


Grow Without Limits

Daabo is developer friendly, too. Built with a REST API, Daabo is scalable and can integrate with multiple services. Extend services for clients, or simply protect company or team devices, we are here to help and make it as easy as possible.


Know our Community

Daabo is one of the fastest-growing device protection communities. We’re proud that the helpfulness of the community and a wealth of online resources are frequently cited as reasons our users love it.

Never Pay for Repair or Replacement

Get started with Daabo and have your devices protected to never pay for a repair or replacemnet.