Repairs and replacement

With no wahala.

That's our promise!

Daabo repairs or replaces your devices when they get damaged or stolen.

What We Do

Device Protection

We design protection plans that are specially tailored in line with the partner brand’s strategy to deliver the best after- sales experience forcustomers. Daabo manages the program end-to- end including underwriting, distribution,claims administration and fulfilment.

Device Repair and Tech Support

Are you having trouble with your device? Need help setting up or configuring it? Or maybe you need some technical advice and support? Look no further! Our device repair and tech support services are here to help. We provide troubleshooting and repair for both hardware and software issues, as well as installation of software and updates. Plus, you can get assistance in-person, over the phone, or online - whatever works best for you!

Device Recycle, Upgrade, and Trade-ins

We objectively assess the device health using our proprietary diagnostics solution and provide the best buyback value to consumers at their doorstep or at a retail store. Daabo manages the program including pricing, logistics, liquidation and offers.

Warranty Management

Daabo helps OEMs and retailers, manage warranty and also offer extended warranty. We manage the refurbishment, packaging, warranty bundling & re-distribution in partnership with ecosystem players.


Protect all devices

From phones to fridges, we have got you covered.

With Daabo, you can be confident that your devices are protected with the right cover. No more worries about losing your phone or needing a new one because of a cracked screen.


Protect the important devices

We protect what you rely on

Keep using your devices without worrying about the cost and stress of repair or replacement. We will get you a replacement if your device can not be repaired. You will not have to pay everytime you need a repair or replacement to a damaged device.

What we protect you against

Broken Or Cracked Screen

We cover your device if your screen gets broken or cracked.

Theft And Accidental Loss

Lose your device or it got stolen? We've got your device covered.

Liquid Damages

We cover damage caused by water or liquid damages.

International Cover

Accidents happen anywhere, our device protection covers beyound your country.

Accidental Damages

We cover your devices against accidental damages. From damages from falls

Power surge damages

We provide cover agaist damage caused by power surges due to lightning.


Tell us about your heartbreak

Request a claim telling us what happened on the website within 48 hours of the damage.

Review and approval

We request for more infrmation and approve if you have a valid claim. This takes less than one hour.

Pickup or drop off for repair

We pick up the device or send you directions to a repair center to get the device repaired or replaced.

Device repaired or replaced

Your repaired or replacement device is returened to you or you pick it up at the repair center.


Check out what you get with each plan.

Starter Plan
Device protection without theft or loss protection
6% /yr
Per device, Billed Yearly
Premium Plan
Full device protection for everyone and everything
8% /yr
Per Device, Billed Yearly
Starter Plan
Device protection without theft or loss protection
4% /yr
Per device, Billed Yearly
Premium Plan
Full device protection for everyone and everything
6% /yr
Per Device, Billed Yearly
Business Plan
Custom plan for businesses, OEMs, device retailers, and repaiers
Conntact Sales
Billed Yearly or Monthly
Features Starter Plan Profesional Plan Business Plan
Accidental Damage Starter Pro Enterprise
Theft and Loss Cover Starter Pro Enterprise
Liquid Damage Starter Pro Enterprise
Broken Screens Starter Pro Enterprise
Fire and Surge Damage Starter Pro Enterprise
International Cover Starter Pro Enterprise
Tech Support Starter Pro Enterprise
Device Trade-in Support Starter Pro Enterprise
Customize Plan Starter Pro Enterprise
Resell Device Protection Starter Pro Enterprise
Warranty Management Starter Pro Enterprise

Over 20,000+ devices are protectet by Daabo

Never have to pay for the repair or replacemnet of a damaged or stolen device.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When does my device protection start after buying a plan?

Once you've completed your device registration and made payment the plan starts, and you will receive an email to notify you of this.

Repairs or replacement typically take 36 hours. We will inform you if it is going to take longer.