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Are you looking for a way to provide device protection to your customers, clients, or team?

Who is this for?


Partner with us to give your customers the premium protection they need for their devices.

Device Repaiers

We pick up your customer’s damaged devices at no fee at all. We would not only stop here, but we will equip their devices with the security it needs to be safe.

Device Finiancers (BNPL) and Retailers

Partner with us to give your customers the added value of device protection at no extra cost and increase your revenue.

HR and Device Management Companies

Giving employees valuable devices without device insurance can be dangerous and lead to delays in work. Partner with us and provide employees with the protection they need.

Requirement for Partnership

A physical Address

A physical address where customers can come in to make complaints or drop off devices.

Be a registered business even if it's a BN

You must be a registered business. Business names registrations are acceptable.

Good brand presence - Online

A good online presence is needed. And an email to receive or send claims information.


Protection for multiple devices

Start selling device protection plans in minutes. New, used, or refurbished, for any make/model of the device. We have multiple channels to get device information and offer plans to customers.


Repairs and solution partners

We also partner with repairers, retailers, logistic companies, and other service providers for devices. We have been able to add a lot of add-on services for our device protection and are always looking for ways to improve and add more services.

How it works

1. Signup
You can create a free account on our website or mobile application.

We need some basic information to know about you so we can tailor our services to fit you.Businesses and device retailers can only create an account on the website. Contact our online support or email support@getdaabo.com for more info.

Add up the devices you want to protect, select the plan you want. Pay for the plan based on the value of the device.

For individuals, mobile devices can only be registered on the mobile application. Businesses and device retailers can add devices in bulk by downloading the device upload excel sheet, filling it, and uploading it on the dashboard to register the devices.

Make claims requests when your device is damaged or stolen, or make claims request for customers.

Making claims is easy. You get responses, and the device is repaired or replaced within 36 hours. We offer a repair cover of 50% of the value of the device, and if the cost of the repair is over 50% of the value of the device, we would require you to cover the remaining fee.

Extra Features

  • Cash generation from reselling
  • Offline and online setup support
  • Online 24/7 support
  • Free QR code posters for offline shops
  • + And much
Tell us about your business and we will contact you to partner

Over 2000+ Devices are protected by Daabo

Let your customers never have to pay for the repair or replacemnet of a damaged or stolen device.